Natural fibre composites are super easy to keep look fantastic for years if you follow these simple tips:



  • For the composite tubes, brass parts and resin parts, Use only a soft polishing or microfibre cloth, with a splash of water on it, to rub away any sticky finger marks.
  • You can use a tiny spot of natural polishing oil (we recommend 100% lanolin) to give the composite tubes a little sheen. DO NOT use this polish on the resin parts of the chair.
  • If the brass parts that can be unscrewed and taken off the chair get tarnished, REMOVE THEM from the chair and rinse with warm water and then polish. If this does not work, make up a paste with an equal mixture of salt, flour, and white vinegar. Simply rub a thin coat of this paste onto the brass parts and leave for 10 minutes, then clean the parts with warm water and a gentle soap and polish. Once dry, place back onto the chair.
  • Your seat can come off so that if it gets damaged, you can easily replace it. There may be some dust that builds up between the eat and the ring. If this happens, turn your chair upside down on a table with a soft cloth placed underneath it. Using the alen key provided, undo the four screws that hold the seat in place and carefully take the seat off the table and place it back on the ground. Using a slightly damp microfibre cloth, give the underside of the seat and the ring a clean. Replace the seat by putting the chair back on the table upside down and redoing up the screws. Simple!
  • DO NOT use any chemical based powder, cream or solvent as harsh chemicals could harm your chair. These are natural materials so should be treated only with natural products.


  • Your chair is designed NOT to be rocked back on, dragged across the floor, stood on or used in anyway as a ladder, stool or purpose other than to sit on.
  • Avoid having keys or other sharp objects in your pockets when you sit on your chair and never use any abraisive cloths to clean.
  • The chair comes with four plugs in the legs of the chair. All for must be used in the legs to ensure that the chair remains stable. If you loose one, or they wear out, please get in touch with us as we have spare parts.
  • Never place any hot objects (such as pots, plates etc.) on the chair. They are not made for this.
  • Our chairs are designed for indoor use. The materials are UV resistant, however the sun is super strong and eventually all materials will detiorate overtime if left in full sun or outside. We want these chairs to be around for a long time. We recommend that you keep them indoors out of direct sunlight. If you do use them outside, make sure you bring them back in once you have finished enjoying the view or your meal.