Revology is what happens when you put a French composite & materials specialist (Alex Guichard) together with a New Zealand lawyer looking to unleash her creative talent and sustainable focus (Monique Kelly). Alex’s quest to transform the composite industry using natural, sustainable flax fibres began with a simple iPhone case but, he quickly discovered his real mission was to create eternal objects we all need – things that would not become obsolete once the newest gadget came out. So, he moved on to the chair: design #1.

Alex teamed up with Monique in 2014 to design beautiful objects using natural fibre composites. Objects where materials & product life-cycle dictated form & function. Technological know-how, innovative thinking, creative licence and the drive to design things better. This is where Revology began.


It all starts with a seed, using materials mother nature provides us. Amazing materials that can be grown again, and again and again. That give back to the earth. The materials of the future.


Elegant, sinuous lines inspired by nature with a focus on making our designs feel as good as they look. Materials are left raw and not hidden behind varnish or paint. Keeps them honest.


Designing out waste. It’s simple. Design objects to evolve and last. Treat each material used as an asset, find ways to recover that value, and reintegrate it into the design process.