Industry recognition fuels our passion and enforces our philosophy. Our philosophy is that in today’s economy, we, as a company, have an obligation to look at the imprint we are leaving on the planet, and find alternative ways of manufacturing and producing objects to ensure that we can continue to do so for a long time into the future. 

GOLD : PRODUCT DESIGN, Melbourne Design Awards 2016

Melbourne design awards are run by the Design100. A global community of 75,000 design experts engaged in celebrating courage, recognising design excellence and growing demand for design. With a panel of 200+ of the world’s leading design minds providing curatorial, judging and design summit direction.

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WINNER : DESIGN – JEC Singapore Innovation Awards 2016

JEC Asia is an international trade show that focuses on the latest trends emerging in the composite industry. The JEC Innovation awards program has been running for 15 years and has international recognition from the global composite community. To win this award is recognition in technical excellence, exemplarity in our partners, market potential and originality.

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WINNER – INNOVATION, Ignite Business Awards 2016, Wanaka, New Zealand

The Ignite Wanaka Business Awards recognize and celebrate our region’s successful and thriving business community.


BORN, an international marketplace for the world’s most creative designs, have partnered with luxury brand Land Rover to create an award which recognizes outstanding innovation and creativity. This is the 7th annual Land Rover BORN  Awards, and was established to seek out and champion the emerging and established creative talents who are shaping our world.

Revology, was awarded their third international design and innovation award for design #1 being named as Runner-up in the sustainable design category at the prestigious Land Rover Born awards in Asesund, Norway.