This is why...

Revology is an innovative design studio crafting beautiful objects from composite linen and bio-based resins. We are creators of beautiful objects designed for the new generation. Our commitment is not to release one-off products that are already outdated when they reach the market, but to design timeless objects, integrating high level materials and technologies, with beautiful design. Objects that have a soul, tell a story, and that will last for generations.

We are not here to change the world. We don’t believe any one person can change the world. But we can change how we behave. Our hope in this journey is that you will also feel our passion for this world and your future. Join us as we challenge convention, revolt against the disposable and give back to nature.

We are a small team of Revologists, inspired by nature to design sustainable objects for the next generation.

Explore our core values below. 

7 videos, 7 values, 7 sources of inspiration.