THE BIKE (design #2)

What better way to travel than to bike, and it’s even better if you can do it on a bike frame made from plants and that stocks CO2. We think so anyway! Given that flax is strong, light and beautiful, we thought we’d try and see what a flax fibre composite bike would look like. The goal is to create a super light urban bike, designed to last and capable of evolving. Available as an e-bike and regular push bike. Want to be kept in the loop? Jot your details down below and we’ll send you information on progress and launch date.

THE BABY BOX (design #3)

Apart from being light, strong and impact resistant, did you know that flax fibres are incredible at blocking out sound? What better material to use to put your new born into so that they can sleep soundly without being disturbed by other noisy family members.

A 21 st Century take on the Moses basket with a circular twist to keep it relevant when baby outgrows it. Register below to follow this project.


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