So how does it feel to Win TWO Revology Chairs? We asked our winner…..

Last month we wrapped up our inspiration competition, and we were very excitied to see the look on our winners face when she saw the chair in the flesh for the first time! There is nothing that can quite prepare you for seing such a design made from linen. The concept is so foreign and it takes you a moment to adjust before wanting to reach out and touch the chairs curvaceous lines. So we asked Nadine to popped over and take a look. Afterall, she will have two and need to start thinking about where they are going to sit in her home! Here is her thoughts on design #1.

“When I first saw Revology’s instagram post announcing who had won their “What Inspires You” competition, my immediate reaction when I read “Congratulations Nadine” was “Huh?”. Lacking all composure and intelligence my brain did not compute, afterall, I’m not known for winning things!

Then, as corny as it sounds, it hit me and I let out a whoop and did a wee dance! I had won the Revology competition! I had won two beautifully, thoughtfully designed chairs!! My family thought I had really, truly lost the plot this time when I blurted out my exciting news!

When I first saw the Revology chair I couldn’t help thinking how elegant it looked, how composed, refined and such a beautiful balance of old and new. Old in it’s lines and form that bring to mind chair designs of the past, and new in it’s materials and construction. And as I got closer, I could see the chair’s detail in its structure and all I wanted to do was run my fingertips over the entire chair! 

In my little renovated home that I live in now, these chairs can really only live in one place and that’s my studio – white walls, hardwood floors and natural light spilling in from it’s two windows facing north and west. If our plans to build an apartment come to fruition in the future, I can see these gorgeous chairs taking pride of place in a light-filled little nook where we will want to sit and just be…or back in the studio so I can look at them and be inspired while I work!” 

Nadine Cagney, beautiful person, talented photographer and now, Revologist

Thankyou Nadine x

Meet Revologist: Nadine Cagney, winner of the Revology Inspiration Competition