Revology, now! le Off  to Paris!

Yesterday, sitting under the desk nibbling on the extremely delicious shoelaces of my beloved treat-giver punishing her for paying too much attention to that thing she taps her fingers on, I overheard that she would be leaving me for three weeks. She’s off to a thing called Paris Design Week, now! le Off . She is going to show off that silly chair, that she and those other humans I like to sniff, have been yapping on about for so long.

Newly launched Revology is being hailed as a brand to watch. Presenting for the first time at “NOW! Le Off” during Paris Design Week from the 3rd to the 10th of September 2016, it is among an elite group of emerging global design talents from around the globe.

I have started to question her sanity.

Does she not realise that a seven month old pup should never be left behind??!!! Just think of all the trouble I could get up to (furniture redesigning, shoe demolition, sock abduction, couch hopping and when I get tired I will have a nap on her bed). I must admit though, she is rather simple and has not yet grasped dog psychology.

So, to avoid my beloved treat-giver having a meltdown when she gets back, I have taken it in to my own paws to convince her I should go too…

Just think of how useful I could be during the exhibit. La Cité de la Mode has never known a pup as helpful as me!!! I showed her how quickly I can herd the cats under the bed, how I can bark VERY loudly to get the neighbours attention and easily trip the family up with my sprawled body when napping in the middle of the room. All things I could do with visitors to our installation!!!

I do have limits though and refuse to scoop up my own excrement.

It started so well, I was so well behaved at the photo shoot she made me do and didn’t even blink when she made me dress in that ridiculous stripy thing. I think I almost had her won over…until I ran off with that damn baguette and wouldn’t give it back.

Sharing is not my thing.

So now she will be travelling alone with her chair…without me (sniff). But don’t worry, I will go in to chew-mode-of-precious-things just to let her know how upset I am.

If you are reading this could you please keep her company. She gets depressed when I’m not there. She loves it when that shiny thing in her pocket beeps and gets really excited when she comes into contact with others of her species.

And take some photos to send us so that I can check out that she is ok.

You might be lucky enough to win one yourself!



Yours pawfully, Solo



Exhibition « now! Le Off » at the Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design

34 Quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris

from 3 to 10 September 2016

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