We Won Gold!

When Alex called me from France one night to tell me we had won Gold at the Melbourne Design Awards I was up to my elbows in dough making buns for our children’s school movie night.

I called Arna straight away (said dough slowly clunking in globs on the floor around me being licked up by a very happy dog) and we jumped around in our respective living rooms in delight. Philippe, in Melbourne, was celebrating across the ditch.

Needless to say we were a little excited. And champagne was put immediately in the fridge awaiting the moment all members of our super team were in the same room.

When you work hard on a project and love what you do and how you do it, it is so rewarding to get outside recognition that what you are doing is good. We love our chair, but putting it out there in public, in particular under the eyes of some pretty clued up judges, is a real leap into the unknown. This is the first big milestone we have passed and means a lot to us all on many different levels.

Our objective now, is getting this chair to you. We still have a few milestones to hit before this is possible but we putting all our energy into getting this ready for pre-orders beginning of 2017.

If you love our chair and want one in your home, or simply want to follow our journey and find out more about what we are doing, you can register HERE.

No strings attached! (And promise we will not bombard you with volumes of annoying information).

A huge thank you for all of the support we receive from you: voting for us on the Design100 website, likes on our social media posts and encouragement when we are lucky enough to see you in Wanaka! Please keep supporting and encouraging us, this is what gets us going and motivated to go further and faster.

A bientot

Monique (co-founder Revology)


Award Information:

Company | Revology : www.revology.com

Team | Philippe Guichard (Designer) and Alexandre Guichard (Co-founder and CEO)

Section | Product Design

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