The Planet

Natural composites made from non-food or feed plant fibre, such as flax, combined with crop derived bio-based resins, are a sustainable solution to the current dependence on fossil-fuel based materials. Revology’s challenge is to explore the possibilities of these new materials, pushing boundaries to see how far we can go to ensure our products respect the planet, while also bringing out the aesthetic qualities and mechanical advantages of the materials, hopefully inspiring others to follow in our path.

Our philosophy is that in today’s economy, we, as a company, have an obligation to look at the imprint we are leaving on the planet, and find alternative ways of manufacturing and producing objects to ensure that we can continue to do so for a long time into the future.

This is a journey rather than a destination, and as new materials, processes and technology become available, we will strive to integrate these into our designs.

Stunning in in nature and design, Revology, Lake Wanaka, NZ
Inspired by Nature, Revology Concept Chair