The Chair

Design #1 is made up of 100% recyclable composite linen fibres, bio-based resins and recycled brass. The fluid, ever-changing lines of the chair highlight the potential design applications of natural composites. There is not a single centimetre of the chair that is rectilinear, no constant diameter, only complex, elegant evolving shapes. Its natural tones allow it to blend harmoniously with all interiors.

Design #1 lies at the intersection of design, technology and sustainability. The chair is five times stronger than wood. Weighing less than 3kg, it can withstand over 200 kg; and its 100% natural linen material is more durable than glass fibre, lighter than carbon fibre and is scratch resistant.

The technology used to transform a linen fibre into a chair makes design #1 inimitable. When you buy a Revology chair, you buy a unique piece of art. To underpin this, each chair is hand engraved with its own serial number.

Each chair is customisable with an interchangeable lumbar support, a replaceable seat plate and optional laser textured seat. These features can be easily interchanged using a standard allen key.

The award winning design #1 has been exhibited at Now! le Off during Paris design week 2016 and the prestigious Venice Design 2017 during the 2017 Venice Biennale.

Customisation | Design #1 can be uniquely customised with a number of interchangeable parts. These options are:

  • Lumbar Support – Available in bio based resin or composite linen.
  • Seat – Laser Texture or transparent
  • Seat Cover – 100% New Zealand Wool-skin seat cover accessory

Release date | Early 2018

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