This is why - Revology This is Why Video Series

This is why video series...

We are often asked…. Why a chair?

A first glance people might think that we are just about a chair, a material possession, just another object. But that is a mistake.

Yes, our first object is a chair, coming about through an inspired moment of reflection and love for icons of the past. But design #1 bears the weight of so much more.


Over the coming weeks we want to share our values with you, in our “This is Why” video series. We have teamed up with our cinematographer to visually express the Revology 7 and what we stand for. Seven videos that help us share with you what inspires us, what pushes us to defy the limitations of technology, and most importantly why we exist. We are not here to change the world. We don’t believe any one person can change the world. But we can change how we behave.

We are a small team of Revologists, inspired by nature to design sustainable objects for the next generation.

7 videos, 7 values, 7 sources of inspiration.