VIDEO: Invest to Make a Positive Impact

Our founders, Monique and Alex share with us the investment opportunity that exists to help us take our sustainable design-tech startup from New Zealand to the world.



VIDEO: Meet our Revologist - Philippe

Philippe shares with us his values in design and the Revology project.

Revology Photoshoot, behind the scenes 009

VIDEO: Meet our Revologist - John-Jo

Creating meaningful and behaviour changing stories.

Revology Flax Tubes, Inspired by Nature, Revology

VIDEO: Meet our Revologist - Arna

For Arna it is about collective change. She shares with us why following your instinct is the right thing to do. Not just for you, but for the next generation and the future of our planet.

Meet our Revologist: Monique Kelly

VIDEO: Meet our Revologist - Monique

What fuels Monique’s passion for the Revology project?

Meet our Revologist: Alex

VIDEO: Meet our Revologist - Alex

Alex shares what inspired him to start Revology

Revology - The Video

Revology - The Video