Revology awarded International Innovation and Design award at JEC Asia 2016

Revology wins International Design Innovation Award

New Zealand based design tech start-up Revology has won the JEC Asia Innovation Award for Innovation in Design.

Revology’s tribute to the planet has scooped its second international design award at this years JEC Asia, an international composite event in Singapore this month. Design #1, the bistrot chair for the 21st Century, was chosen from a selection of international finalists.

JEC is the largest composite organization in the world.

Design #1 uses revolutionary molding technology to transform composite linen fibers and bio-based resin into the iconic bistrot chair.

JEC Asia is an international trade show that focuses on the latest trends emerging in the composite industry. The JEC Innovation awards program has been running for 15 years and has international recognition from the global composite community. To win this award is recognition in technical excellence, exemplarity in our partners, market potential and originality.

JEC Asia Innovation Award - Revology 2016

“The chair that breaks the mold.”

Design #1 is a world first. The first of it’s kind to combine natural flax fibre composites and sugar based resin.

Revology is being hailed as the one to watch. They are a fine representation of the emerging ‘slow design movement’. In a world that is too often dominated by what is fleeting and virtual, Revology’s dynamic co-founders, Alex Guichard and Monique Kelly, are setting out to create iconic objects by combining planet-friendly materials with design and tech know-how.

This is the third award for Revology and their second international design award.

“Our goal is to create beautiful, timeless objects that have a soul and that you’ll be proud to pass on to your children and grandchildren. We are designing objects for the next generation,” said Monique Kelly, Revology co-founder. “However we also want to make sure we design objects fit for modern, urban lives that will look good anywhere and are as edgy as they are timeless. This award is further affirmation that we are on the right track.”


Design #1 will be available for sale in 2017.

You can pre register your interest in purchasing the chair below.

PRESS CONTACT: Arna Craig PH. +64 220684968


Register with us and you will be notified first when we launch in May! We will reward your support with exclusive early supporter pricing.


Revology Inspiration Competition, Meet our winner!

Meet Nadine... our latest Revologist

So how does it feel to Win TWO Revology Chairs? We asked our winner…..

Last month we wrapped up our inspiration competition, and we were very excitied to see the look on our winners face when she saw the chair in the flesh for the first time! There is nothing that can quite prepare you for seing such a design made from linen. The concept is so foreign and it takes you a moment to adjust before wanting to reach out and touch the chairs curvaceous lines. So we asked Nadine to popped over and take a look. Afterall, she will have two and need to start thinking about where they are going to sit in her home! Here is her thoughts on design #1.

“When I first saw Revology’s instagram post announcing who had won their “What Inspires You” competition, my immediate reaction when I read “Congratulations Nadine” was “Huh?”. Lacking all composure and intelligence my brain did not compute, afterall, I’m not known for winning things!

Then, as corny as it sounds, it hit me and I let out a whoop and did a wee dance! I had won the Revology competition! I had won two beautifully, thoughtfully designed chairs!! My family thought I had really, truly lost the plot this time when I blurted out my exciting news!

When I first saw the Revology chair I couldn’t help thinking how elegant it looked, how composed, refined and such a beautiful balance of old and new. Old in it’s lines and form that bring to mind chair designs of the past, and new in it’s materials and construction. And as I got closer, I could see the chair’s detail in its structure and all I wanted to do was run my fingertips over the entire chair! 

In my little renovated home that I live in now, these chairs can really only live in one place and that’s my studio – white walls, hardwood floors and natural light spilling in from it’s two windows facing north and west. If our plans to build an apartment come to fruition in the future, I can see these gorgeous chairs taking pride of place in a light-filled little nook where we will want to sit and just be…or back in the studio so I can look at them and be inspired while I work!” 

Nadine Cagney, beautiful person, talented photographer and now, Revologist

Thankyou Nadine x

Meet Revologist: Nadine Cagney, winner of the Revology Inspiration Competition

Innovation Award Winners Revology : Ignight Wanaka Business Awards held at Rippon

Revology Awarded for Outstanding Innovation in Wanaka Business Awards

 Winner for Outstanding in Innovation – Ignite Wanaka Business Awards

What a great night! On Friday we enjoyed an evening of celebration with the Wanaka business community at the inaugural Ignite Wanaka Business Awards held at the stunning Rippon Hall.

Feeling honored to be selected as a finalist, we attended the gala dinner alongside some of Wanaka’s most creative, innovative and iconic businesses from a range of sectors in an atmosphere that was truly electric.

The caliber of the finalists, not only in our category but across the awards, was truly outstanding.  Facing stiff competition in the Innovation category from Kin2Kin, The Peoples Bread and D-Fi, we where absolutely blown away to take top honors.

The award was so unexpected, that uncharacteristically, Monique had not prepared her winning speech. Thankfully a few notes jotted on the back of the menu… written minutes before the announcement… came to the rescue.

We feel honored and overwhelmed to be recognised by our fellow business community, and to have had the opportunity to share our vision with such a qualified and experienced judging panel.

We would like to thank the judges, Simon Telfer, Anne Urlwin, Bill Day and Giselle McLachlan and all the major sponsors who enabled this event to take place.

The evening was a true celebration of a thriving business community and we feel privileged to be a part of it.

We look forward to next year!


Photo Credit: Jodie Rainsford Photography



Newly launched Revology is being hailed as a brand to watch.

Paris Design Week... Here we come!

Revology, now! le Off  to Paris!

Yesterday, sitting under the desk nibbling on the extremely delicious shoelaces of my beloved treat-giver punishing her for paying too much attention to that thing she taps her fingers on, I overheard that she would be leaving me for three weeks. She’s off to a thing called Paris Design Week, now! le Off . She is going to show off that silly chair, that she and those other humans I like to sniff, have been yapping on about for so long.

Newly launched Revology is being hailed as a brand to watch. Presenting for the first time at “NOW! Le Off” during Paris Design Week from the 3rd to the 10th of September 2016, it is among an elite group of emerging global design talents from around the globe.

I have started to question her sanity.

Does she not realise that a seven month old pup should never be left behind??!!! Just think of all the trouble I could get up to (furniture redesigning, shoe demolition, sock abduction, couch hopping and when I get tired I will have a nap on her bed). I must admit though, she is rather simple and has not yet grasped dog psychology.

So, to avoid my beloved treat-giver having a meltdown when she gets back, I have taken it in to my own paws to convince her I should go too…

Just think of how useful I could be during the exhibit. La Cité de la Mode has never known a pup as helpful as me!!! I showed her how quickly I can herd the cats under the bed, how I can bark VERY loudly to get the neighbours attention and easily trip the family up with my sprawled body when napping in the middle of the room. All things I could do with visitors to our installation!!!

I do have limits though and refuse to scoop up my own excrement.

It started so well, I was so well behaved at the photo shoot she made me do and didn’t even blink when she made me dress in that ridiculous stripy thing. I think I almost had her won over…until I ran off with that damn baguette and wouldn’t give it back.

Sharing is not my thing.

So now she will be travelling alone with her chair…without me (sniff). But don’t worry, I will go in to chew-mode-of-precious-things just to let her know how upset I am.

If you are reading this could you please keep her company. She gets depressed when I’m not there. She loves it when that shiny thing in her pocket beeps and gets really excited when she comes into contact with others of her species.

And take some photos to send us so that I can check out that she is ok.

You might be lucky enough to win one yourself!



Yours pawfully, Solo



Exhibition « now! Le Off » at the Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design

34 Quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris

from 3 to 10 September 2016

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Wanaka Start-Up strikes gold at Melbourne Design Awards

We Won Gold!

When Alex called me from France one night to tell me we had won Gold at the Melbourne Design Awards I was up to my elbows in dough making buns for our children’s school movie night.

I called Arna straight away (said dough slowly clunking in globs on the floor around me being licked up by a very happy dog) and we jumped around in our respective living rooms in delight. Philippe, in Melbourne, was celebrating across the ditch.

Needless to say we were a little excited. And champagne was put immediately in the fridge awaiting the moment all members of our super team were in the same room.

When you work hard on a project and love what you do and how you do it, it is so rewarding to get outside recognition that what you are doing is good. We love our chair, but putting it out there in public, in particular under the eyes of some pretty clued up judges, is a real leap into the unknown. This is the first big milestone we have passed and means a lot to us all on many different levels.

Our objective now, is getting this chair to you. We still have a few milestones to hit before this is possible but we putting all our energy into getting this ready for pre-orders beginning of 2017.

If you love our chair and want one in your home, or simply want to follow our journey and find out more about what we are doing, you can register HERE.

No strings attached! (And promise we will not bombard you with volumes of annoying information).

A huge thank you for all of the support we receive from you: voting for us on the Design100 website, likes on our social media posts and encouragement when we are lucky enough to see you in Wanaka! Please keep supporting and encouraging us, this is what gets us going and motivated to go further and faster.

A bientot

Monique (co-founder Revology)


Award Information:

Company | Revology :

Team | Philippe Guichard (Designer) and Alexandre Guichard (Co-founder and CEO)

Section | Product Design

About award organiser, design100 | Design100 is a global community of 75,000 design experts engaged in celebrating courage, recognising design excellence and growing demand for design. With a panel of 200+ of the world’s leading design minds providing curatorial, judging and design summit direction.

Design100’s mission is to celebrate the courage of those who commission design and those who create it. More about the 2016 line up.

For further information please contact Lisa Joe at Joe Public Relations.

Ph: +64 21 326662 E:

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Interview with JEC Magazine

Founder and CEO Alex Guichard recently spoke with JEC Magazine in the lead up to our debut at JEC World. Take a look!

JEC MAGAZINE 103 - Revology interview

The Revology Concept Chair, Flax Detail, Revology - Inspired by Nature

Bringing together design, natural materials and a legacy


On the occasion of JEC World 2016 (8-10 March 2016 at Paris Nord Villepinte, France), Revology, the New Zealand design-tech start-up will present its first creation: a concept chair made out of flax fiber, reinterpreting the legendary 1850 bistro chair.



Result of a fusion between sustainable materials and exclusive processing technologies, the Revology concept chair is the first chair to be made out of flax fiber tubes and bio-based materials.

Lightweight and strong, it is notable for its contemporary, elegant and natural lines: the chair combining transparency and natural, un-died, fibers. "The DNA of Revology lies in highlighting a natural, raw material, rarely used in designer creations because of the difficulties in in processing it." Explains Alex Guichard, CEO of Revology.

By reinterpreting a timeless designer object, Revology becomes part of the history of the bistro chair, bringing to it new materials and a unique design. "The bistro chair is a masterpiece of design that has embodied the “douceur de vivre” for over 150 years. An object that is avant-garde due to both its design and use of flax fiber, our concept chair is a new step forward in the history of the bistro chair!" He continues.



Applied to the chair, composite materials have the advantage of being lightweight, versatile and strong, combined with an elegant design that time will not alter. "Used in the aviation industry and luxury sectors, composites are seen as too technical or as inaccessible materials. With Revology, we want to show that they are also materials we can introduce into our everyday world, we want to make them attainable for the general public: sustainable design, high-end product but reasonably priced! "Concludes Alex Guichard.


Discover the Revology concept chair at JEC World

Revology Stand F30, Hall 5A

From 8 to 10 March 2016 at the Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte, France

Purity in design - Revology, Inspired by Nature

Revology to present concept chair at JEC World


Revology enters the world of contemporary design with a new and innovative concept in designer furniture.

The first Revology creation, a concept chair made out of composite linen fibre, will be presented in avant-premiere in Paris on the 8 March 2016 during the the JEC World, the international trade show dedicated to composite materials. It revisits an icon: the bistrot chair first produced in 1850.
Based on the use of natural materials, the specialized know-how held by Revology allows for a new freedom of design, in both form and materials through the use of its exclusive processing techniques. "With Revology we want to create elegant, edgy, timeless objects using essentially bio-based materials. Our research into the materials we use and purity of the lines has allowed us to reinterpret the legendary bistrot chair using flax fibre. The natural element of the chair is very important to us and essential to Revology’s DNA" says Alex Guichard, CEO of Revology.

Alex Guichard, founder of RocTool in 2000 and design enthusiast, has created Revology to connect the field of contemporary design with that of the composite industry, bringing to it his considerable understanding of composite materials and advanced moulding technologies. "Our ambition is to go as far as possible in the development of natural materials and bio-based resins. Up until today, no one has been able to produce a chair made out of linen on a large scale. This is a real technological feat, and we want to accomplish this in order to develop a beautiful, durable and timeless designer object!" concludes Alex Guichard.
The Revology concept chair will be presented in avant-premiere at the JEC World
Stand Revology F30, Hall 5A

From the 8 to 10 March 2016 at the Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte, France